Comparison between physiotherapy and acupuncture

The ultimate goal of a physiotherapist and the acupuncturist is to relieve pain. Although both of these therapies are used for multiple conditions but they are majorly used in pain related conditions. Sometimes even the physiotherapist use acupuncture technique to help his patients in the best possible way. But both of these therapies are quite different from each other and the difference will be discussed in this article.

If you are having any complain regarding strains, pain, stress, anxiety or any other similar condition, then you should definitely seek a professional help from a well qualified physiotherapist or acupuncturist as according to your preference and condition. Like most of the people choose physiotherapy over acupuncture because it is a non-invasive method. But both therapies has its own benefits and superiority, to understand this aspect read this complete article.


You may have heard this word a lot because it is one of the most commonly used medical treatment which is preferred to relieve pain or treat any condition related with mobility. The health professional which is responsible to conduct this type of treatment is known as physiotherapist. In this technique different exercises are involved to stretch and strengthen the bones as well as muscles. This continuous practice recover the mobility of the affected patient, apart from mobility it also helps in relieving stress related conditions. The physiotherapist is responsible to help the patient in performing different exercises as most of the patients are unable to do it by their own selves. If this treatment seems to be convenient for your condition then you must visit the best physiotherapy center Dubai.


On the other hand acupuncture is a less common treatment and is not preferred by a lot of people. This therapy belongs to Chinese traditional medicine in which extremely thin needles are injected into patient’s body to normalize the flow of energy. The main concept behind this therapy is that the acupuncturist thinks that most of the conditions related to pain and stress are because of abnormal flow of energy. But as this technique is invasive and involves needles so most of the patients avoid it. They think that it would be quite painful as the needles are being injected at different parts of the body but this myth is totally wrong because needles are extremely thin like hair and the patient will not even feel it. So if you want to have a drug free treatment then you must visit your nearest acupuncture clinic in Dubai as soon as possible.