Know the differences between different armored vehicles


It is true that most of us are literally novices when it comes to knowledge of military gear. Some of us simply don’t find any interest in it, and perhaps rightly so, while others may not be all that keen in having deep knowledge of military systems. Despite that, there is one aspect of military, or one should say technology, that interests people a lot these days. So much so that they may be willing to know more about it. We are talking about military vehicles and their civilian counterparts. Travel back half a century and you will find the new type of vehicle that had enough armoring over that allowed it to penetrate enemy concentrations despite heaving fire. Truth to be told, the armored vehicles added another dimension to the modern warfare and led strategists to form new doctrines basing on the added capability.

Though some of you may find that a little exaggerating, the truth is no war can be fought by leaving soldiers exposed. The best way to keep them covered and protected is by providing them armored vehicles, or personnel carriers to move around freely on the battlefield. The concept of armored personnel carrier also gave birth to many other offshoots. Today, you will be surprised to see the variety of bullet proof cars sting in the showrooms and are availed for the masses to purchase.



Military versions

As mentioned, the military versions of armored vehicles may not be available to general public. There may be reasons to it as these vehicles are designed on military specs. They are not compliant with civil requirements. You can call them overkill for civilians in a number of ways. These are meant for the battlefield and not the roads of the city.  They contain defensive as well as offensive capabilities. From commercial equipment, radio sets, machine guns and grenades, extra roof and floor armoring to resist land mines and high caliber bullets and even grenade impacts, the military version is too much to ask. Instead, you should simply try to explore other options instead.

Civilian types

The most suitable version of a bullet proof car should be the one that offers excellent performance without compromising quality. Though civilian armored vehicles are not exactly meant to be used for the troops, they’ll not think of it as some out of place technology. In other words, you can run yours on a military budget.

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