How to pick the best school bag for your child

Choosing the right school bag for your children is of much importance. Your child’s body posture, body’s growth and their body’s strength depend upon the size of bag. If their school bag is too heavy then it will cause back pain in those children and it also affect their posture. O you must choose wisely while purchasing school bag for your children. Even if you are running your own school bags shops in Dubai then you should also take are of these things. You can also grow your business of school bags shop by adding laminating and binding machine in your bookstore. For this purpose, you can purchase these machines from laminating machine supplier in Dubai

There are some tips which you should follow to select best school bag for your child. 

Bag with two shoulder strips:

As your children are in growing and their bones also develop in this age. So you must go for the bag which will not affect their body growth while carrying out the burden of bag. You should give priority to the bag which will divide the burden of bag. So the bags having two shoulder straps and one waist strap are best to choose. 

Choose the best size of bag:

You should choose the size of bag according to weight and height of your children. If the height of your child is small then you should go for small sized bag. If your child is underweight or if he is weak then you should choose bag which is lighter in weight. Either your child is weak or healthy, you should choose light weight bag because the weight of bag will increase by adding books in it. 

Multiple pockets of bags:

You should choose bag for your child which has multiple pockets inside and out. If there will be less pockets in bag then they cannot keep many things in bag. So it will create problem for children. 

Color of bag:

Color is of prime importance when you are going to choose bag for your child. Color also matters according to gender. You will choose red or pink color if you have girl. You will choose blue, black or green if you have boy. So, you should wisely choose color for your child.